TME TEK INC. has its HO at North America and representative offices in Middle East, has over 10 years of working experience in Middle East for product sales & marketing and in tieing up with channel partners for your range of products under their umbrella.

We can help your business by providing:

  • A review to diagnose and recommend how your business can grow in regions covered by us.
  • Introductions to build strategic partnerships or to promote your latest product and/or service offering.
  • Access to highly qualified and skilled associates who can provide additional strategic assistance
  • Support on delivering a one off seminar or series of workshops.
  • Participation in trade shows in respective regions.
  • Looking to leverage an already successful business to derive further value you for your company in new regions.
  • Wondering how to write the contract in respective regions to actively help the alliance deliver value
  • We can enable a new relationship to get off to the best possible start by working with you to conduct a Relationship Kick-Off meeting which includes all the key stakeholders from both companies and ensures that their needs and those of the new relationship are met fully.
  • We can build in follow-up activities to ensure that it stays that way. Similarly, we can re-energies and re-launch a relationship which is failing to deliver your expectations by identifying the root causes of underperformance, implementing an Improvement Plan and by managing a Relationship Re-launch.
"TME TEK INC. has all the connections and business strategies you need to cater to the new markets. It is business relationships which begins long before the deal is signed and only ends after the successful promoting your products in new regions."


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